The osseointegration system:

Press fit patient specific tibia & femoral implants

This prosthesis is developed by the osseointegration pioneers in The Netherlands and is the system with a long and large follow up. There is broad experience across Europe with this osseointegration system. The design and implantation technique was derived from orthopedic hip prostheses. This prosthesis is 3D printed in Titanium 6 Aluminium 4 Vanadium with a 3D mesh surface.

The osseointegration capacity of this prosthesis is optimized to meet the individual patients needs, therefore the prosthesis can be load bearing much earlier than other systems. The osseointegration period is 6 weeks and there are osseointegration clinics that allow full weight bearing on the osseointegration system immediately after single stage surgery. This titanium prosthesis has the same features as current orthopedic implants;  strong and solid. The osseointegration is quick and the rehabilitation period short.